About StartupHawk

StartupHawk, Inc. was founded in 2015 and is based in the Boston, MA area. Our original idea was to create a data platform backed by crawlers and AI (machine learning) to identify trends in the startup ecosystem that would create valuable intelligence for venture capitalists. We later realized, that while this idea was good in concept, the technology was not mature enough to deliver the results we initially aimed for. After much deliberation with our VC mentors, we realized we could create a significant level of value for our clients by building relationships with founders and reaching out to them directly to gather exclusive intelligence and insights on their funding initiatives while tracking and delivering this intel via a SaaS portal. Ultimately, our mentors (who are VC's themselves) recognized how valuable this information would be, since most funding rounds are unknown until they are closed and it is difficult for their research teams to understand what startups to prioritize.

Disclaimer: We are NOT a broker and do not generate any income from startups. Our income is supplied exclusively by venture firms, investment banks, and private equity firms who purchase licenses to our intelligence platform. StartupHawk is a research service that operates a SaaS portal forthe types of B2B firms above. Many venture firms use us as an outsourced option instead of hiring internal research analysts to drive deal-flow or will use us to help augment the capabilities of their internal research team.

Our analysts reach out to startup founders daily to gather information on their initiatives, progress, timing, and what they are looking for in a venture partner. The benefit to these startups is we provide free exposure to investors by creating a profile for them in our portal. The value to our customers is that we're getting information directly from the source since there is no data publicly available on future funding rounds or the vast majority of funding rounds until that round is complete and therefore, until it's too late.

We cannot guarantee startups we interview that our customers will end up reaching out to them. It is completely up to our customers to initiate a conversation based on whether the startup meets their focus criteria. We are not involved in any discussions between the startup and the venture firm.